3rd November 2014

Part Two: Two Planes from Toronto to Ottawa

And so, having sat pixie-fashion on the floor in arrivals for just a few moments, Elizabeth spotted my bright purple case on the carousel, I pressed […]
3rd November 2014

How many planes….

… does it take to get me from Toronto to Ottawa? Well, I would have thought just the one. But yesterday, it would seem that two […]
3rd November 2014

Exhausted Jetsetter

Sorry FWL blog readers…. you will have to wait until tomorrow morning (my time, here in Canada) for the Jetsetting update. This jetsetter is quite frankly […]
2nd November 2014

Life as an Air Canada traveller

What should have been so simple was made quite challenging earlier today when the nose wheel steering failed on my flight between Toronto and Ottawa….. hmmm…. great idea to change planes […]
1st November 2014

Tracing Your Industrial Ancestors

To use a tagline of several fellow genealogists, ‘wouldn’t that be a good title for a book?!‘…. well, it will be in due course. But today, […]
31st October 2014

Ghosts, fairies and evil spirits

This is All-Hallows Eve, better known as Hallowe’en, when witches fly abroad and ghosts, fairies and other supernatural beings are at their most active (oh, so many potential […]
30th October 2014

How much does it cost to be courteous?

Courtesy costs nothing but wins everybody.  In business, courtesy is a must. Courteous letters and telephone conversations built confidence in your business, expand your client base […]
29th October 2014

What is our life?

According to Sir Walter Raleigh, the English explorer, in ‘On the Life of Man’ (1612): ‘What is our life? a play of passion; Our mirth the […]
28th October 2014

What is your role?

Family Wise Limited is all about working as a team. We have dozens of cases, contracts and projects on the go at any one time and, […]