30th August 2014

Day 2 at the SECC

Having spent an exceedingly enjoyable evening with over thirty professional genealogists last night in Glasgow City Centre, the walk to the SECC from the Ibis this […]
29th August 2014

A day at the SECC

Today’s blog is a little later than usual, for obvious reasons. I am not in the office but I have been ‘working’ all day at the […]
28th August 2014

To Glasgow I go

…. and I am pleased to say that I chose the quick route. Currently, if I was driving, it would apparently take me 6 hours and […]
27th August 2014

The Earth – antics of yesteryear

The 1883 eruption of Krakatoa in Indonesia (then the Dutch East Indies) occurred today in 1883. The volcano had become active in May but this was the climax of the […]
26th August 2014

Arrested, tried and guillotined

The French chemist Antoine Laurent Lavoisier was born today in 1743, to a wealthy family in Paris. The son of an attorney at the Parlement of Paris, he […]
25th August 2014

What makes one more successful than another?

Today marks the anniversary of the first recorded person to swim from England to France. Starting from Admiralty Pier in Dover, Captain Matthew Webb made the […]
24th August 2014

#34 Ernest Richard Sillifant, postman of Lifton (1889-1937)

Ernest Richard Sillifant was baptised at his parent’s home on 29 September 1889 in Halwill. The family were Bible Christians and in the 1891 census, they lived […]
23rd August 2014

Have ethics gone out of the window?

Anyone who has watched the television programme Heir Hunters will realise that the business is all about ‘getting there first’ …. or is it? Being first […]
22nd August 2014

Freaky Friday

452! I can hardly believe it… 452 Squirrel(l)s in 1881. Where did they all sprout from? This nifty piece of software – Surname Atlas – maps […]