2nd August 2014

Discovered by a charcoal-burner in 1100

William II, King of England (known as William Rufus, because of his red face) was killed by an arrow while hunting in the New Forest on this day in […]
1st August 2014

You know you want to!

Go on…. Why don’t you? It’s not that difficult! Or is it? Some people are so good at it. You could be too. What we do […]
31st July 2014

Struck by lightning

In Stanton Harcourt churchyard stands a stone with the following epitaph, telling a very sad story of this day in 1718: Near this place lie the […]
30th July 2014

The one and only….

Sadly, I was not around when England’s football team last won the World Cup. Since the inaugural tournament in 1930, the World Cup has been awarded […]
29th July 2014

Be prepared

On 29 July 1907, Robert Baden-Powell (1857-1941) took a group of boys to Brownsea Island in Poole Harbour, for what was basically the first Scout camp. The […]
28th July 2014

Cats, Dogs and Birds?

Since the release of the 1911 census, many articles and blogs have been written about the eccentric entries made by our ancestors. From Beauty Lafayette, the beloved pet dog of The […]
27th July 2014

#30 Sarah Lobb, or was she Routley (1805-1855)

Many years ago, I dabbled with one of my Jones trees. You know the branches you rarely touch? Well, Jones tends to fall into that category […]
26th July 2014

Collaboration and networking

This week has been all about collaboration and networking for me. I have been out of the office researching in record offices for two days – Surrey […]
25th July 2014

Happy Birthday

... to Louise Brown – now Mullinder – thirty six years old today! She was the world’s first ever ‘test tube baby’, born in Oldham General […]