17th August 2014

#33 Jessamine Maria Gosling (1795-1819)

Sometimes, my ancestors have very interesting and different names. No Elizabeth, Sarah or Ann here…. nope, Jessamine! Jessamine Maria Gosling was born in Farnham on 13 November […]
16th August 2014

How did Cecelia survive?

Twenty-seven years ago today, the Northwest Airlines flight 255 crashed on take-off in Detroit, killing 154 people on board; the sole survivor was a four-year-old girl. […]
15th August 2014

Fabulous, Fantastic, Brilliant Friday….

Many bloggers have days when they write about specific things relating to family, local, social history or whatever. The only day which is sacrosanct here at FWL is […]
14th August 2014

Baptised aged 62?

Baptism was said to be essential to salvation in the Middle Ages and was therefore performed as soon as possible after birth. After the Reformation, the […]
13th August 2014

The last execution

The murder of John Alan West on 7 April 1964 was the crime which led to the last time a death sentence was executed in the United Kingdom. West was […]
12th August 2014

The Glorious Twelfth

This is the Glorious Twelfth, the first day of the grouse-shooting season. The sport is concentrated in north east England and Scotland, where it makes a […]
11th August 2014

Enid Blyton’s Solar Eclipse

To celebrate what would have been Enid Blyton’s 102nd birthday today in 1999, the last full solar eclipse of the twentieth century took place, witnessed by […]
10th August 2014

#32 Bertha Day (1864-1938) of Enfield

Many decades ago, my family – me and my parents – would visit an elderly great aunt of mine in Cheltenham. She was very interested in […]
9th August 2014

Unusual British Museums

On our way to visit Beaulieu National Motor Museum this morning set me wondering…. what is the most unusual British Museum? Motor Museums are not unusual […]