21st June 2014

East India

The British India Office Collection is a rich resource for those with ancestors who lived and worked in India. The records they hold date from the […]
20th June 2014

Chilly…. Oops, I mean Chile!

Chilly? England – amazingly – is anything but cold today. We are bathing in 24˚C, sunny, warm weather over here. And tomorrow is the Summer Solstice – […]
19th June 2014

The Boer War

Two separate Boer Wars were fought between the British Empire and two independent Boer states with the Second Boer War (1899-1902) being the one commonly known […]
18th June 2014

Suffrage down under

It’s not a pet subject of ours per se, but looking back over the past year, a couple of references have been made to the Suffragette […]
17th June 2014

Colonies and migration

Former British colonies are important from a genealogical perspective for several reasons: they have been the destination of emigrants from the British Isles (some voluntarily, some […]
16th June 2014

Back to Europe

After the recent sporting escapades this weekend, Europe seems like a place that the English might not wish to focus on this morning. Though we played […]
15th June 2014

#24 The Hayhurst family – book edge gilders of Holborn, London

Ann Hayhurst was my great-great-great-grandmother. Born 8 January 1841 at No. 8 Le Grand Place, Lambeth, of James and Ann (formerly Tungate) Hayhurst, Ann was their […]
14th June 2014

Expect the unexpected

There are hundreds of Rootsweb lists and Facebook groups, bloggers and ‘newsletter’ publishers online. Trying to keep up with Feedly every day is almost impossible…. but […]
13th June 2014

Darkest Peru

Paddington Bear was a polite immigrant bear from darkest Peru, with his old hat, battered suitcase (complete with a secret compartment, enabling it to hold far more items […]