9th June 2014

European Monday

I love blogging. Why? Because every day it challenges me to find out something new, or develop a little snippet of knowledge I have into something […]
8th June 2014

#23 Ann Sillifant of Pancrassweek, Devon

William Sillifant was baptised in Pyworthy in 1808 and married Mary Petherick in 1833 in Ashwater. Both Pyworthy and Ashwater are very small, rural parishes near […]
7th June 2014

Saturday: family history in Asia

Did your ancestors go adventuring? The thrill of the unknown was irresistible to many people during the nineteenth century. They dreamed of bringing the benefits of […]
6th June 2014

Friday … to South America we go!

As the days goes by – and it’s only week 1! – the records for different continents are harder and harder to locate. ‘South American genealogy’…. put […]
5th June 2014

Thursday: Out of Africa

And today is all about Africa. So, confession time readers….. How many of you have ever done any African family history research? Not so many of […]
4th June 2014

Wednesday: a trip Down Under

The treasure trove – quite literally – down under….. Doing a surname study on an unusual surname, I have to confess to being a somewhat lazy […]
3rd June 2014

Tuesday: North American edition

For June, Tuesday is the day when we turn our attention to the continent of North America and there is no better place to start than […]
2nd June 2014

One of those days

Over the weekend, we put our collective brains together to come up with an idea for a blog theme to run through June (apart from Sundays […]
1st June 2014

#22 Roger Chubb of Peter Tavy, Devon

Roger Chubb is not what you would call a close relative of mine. He is in fact my 5 x g-grandfather and would have been born […]