16th May 2014

Diary, journal or blog

I sometimes sit down – it’s rare to be fair – and consider how much the world has changed since I was a child. The short […]
15th May 2014

Weird and wonderful Thursday

Doing family history research, we often come across names which you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy….. but turning back the clock, the names perhaps would […]
14th May 2014

Being specific

In a previous existence – before Family Wise Limited – I was a full-time teacher of science (firstly) and (latterly, more) mathematics. Now ‘following the dream’, […]
13th May 2014

Abbotsbury Garland Day

Held on 13 May (Old May Day) each year, the Garland Day celebrations have taken place in the Dorset village of Abbotsbury since about the early […]
12th May 2014

H.M.S. “Ganges” – Naval training ship

It’s true. You never stop learning. No matter what you are learning about. Putting together an article about Ralph John Claude Pillifent (or Ralph John Clarem […]
11th May 2014

#19 Kezia(h) Jones (1842-1895)

Keziah Jones was born on 14 July 1842 of William and Sarah (nee Lobb) Jones. Oh joy! A Jones family to research! I guess we all […]
10th May 2014

Nelson Mandela, first black president of South Africa

10 May 1994: Nelson Mandela became the first black president of South Africa. Born in 1918, he studied law and set up a legal practice in […]
9th May 2014

Liberty and freedom

Regular blog readers will know that I have recently returned from a visit to Canada – lecturing at the Ontario Genealogical Society Conference in St Catherines […]
8th May 2014

A new world….

For ten years, I worked hard to educate thousands of children. I never dreamt that I would stop getting up at 6am and working until heaven […]