28th April 2014

Day 24 of the A to Z April Challenge: X for X-ray

X-ray (or X-radiation) is a form of electromagnetic radiation. This takes me back to my student days studying chemical physics…. did you know that most x-rays have […]
27th April 2014

#17 Martha Gaylor of Bramshaw, Hampshire

For many years, Leonard Fielder was at the top of one branch of my tree – Leonard married Maria Keen (sometimes Kean, otherwise Keane!) in 1836 […]
26th April 2014

Day 23 of the A to Z April Challenge: W for Whiskey

Not much to write about today other than the blindingly obvious….Whisky or whiskey, a type of distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain mash. Barley, malted barley, rye, malted […]
25th April 2014

Day 22 of the A to Z April Challenge: V for Victor

Victor Meldrew was a fictional character in the popular BBC sitcom One Foot in the Grave, created by David Renwick and played by Richard Wilson. The […]
24th April 2014

Day 21 of the A to Z April Challenge: U for Uniform

In 1907, Robert Baden-Powell held a camp for boys at Brownsea Island in Dorset to test his ideas with regard to setting up a scouting movement. […]
23rd April 2014

Day 20 of the A to Z April Challenge: T for Tango

Not being known to date as a conformist, tango – the dance – was a topic I was keen to avoid today. But finding out that […]
22nd April 2014

Day 19 of the A to Z April Challenge: S for Sierra

Sierra is Spanish for mountain range and also saw – oddly – originating from the Latin serra. Most of the place names incorporating the word are […]
21st April 2014

Day 18 of the A to Z April Challenge: R for Romeo

Having done Romeo and Juliet earlier in the A to Z Challenge, research was needed to find suitable Romeo references. And I stumbled across a village […]
20th April 2014

#16 John Henry Sillifant of Princetown, Devon

John Henry Sillifant was born in September quarter 1871 in Princetown (registered in the Tavistock Registration District). He was the third child born of Samuel and his […]