Family History

We Take You Closer to Your Ancestors

Whether you are just starting out with your family tree research, you have hit a brick wall, or you need help and guidance to find that missing piece of information in your research, Family Wise Limited can help you uncover your ancestry.

From simple searches for an individual, to complex projects and family trees, we are able to provide research services to fit your needs and budget.

Specialising in genealogy and family history research throughout the UK, Family Wise Limited provides consultations and lessons to guide you on the path of your own family history research, as well as a range of genealogy research services that can be tailored to suit your needs. We can build a family tree for you or work with you to assist in your genealogy research or provide training. Whatever your needs, Family Wise Limited can help you.

Call or email our office to discuss your family history research and see what Family Wise Limited can do for you.



Our determined, dynamic, empathetic, ethical and conscientious team will attend to all your research needs.