We offer a variety of genealogical and people-finding services for solicitors and legal firms. These range from locating legatees in wills who have moved, to constructing entire family trees in intestacies. We are willing to go above and beyond in locating beneficiaries and have experience working in jurisdictions around the world, having located heirs everywhere from Hong Kong to Hawaii, Belize to Bangkok. We specialise in complex families and common names – Smiths and Joneses are our forte! Our research can be completed swiftly and accurately and is always tailored to individual project requirements. For more details, contact us directly to receive a no-obligation quote.

Locating Missing Beneficiaries

It is a fact of life that people move. With wills frequently written long before someone passes away, at least one legatee is likely to have changed addresses – and sometimes names – in the interim. With the world now more interconnected than ever, people frequently are not even in the same country. We can find people all around the world, from only a name and an address, and sometimes less than that.

Checking Family Trees

We can interrogate existing family trees, making sure that nobody has been missed out and that all those located really are entitled heirs. Was this person really adopted out, or did they just change their surname by common practice or deed poll? Were that uncle and aunt who emigrated to South Africa really childless? We can provide peace of mind that everyone has been identified, to protect you and your personal representatives and make certain that the estate is being distributed correctly.

Constructing Family Trees

On many occasions, intestacies occur when there is no known family whatsoever. As specialist genealogists, we can construct family trees from even the scantest of initial information. We have worked on families of all sizes, from only a single beneficiary to estates where over a hundred people are entitled. In intestacies, we can tailor our research to the laws of the relevant jurisdiction, having worked on the estates of people who have died in the UK, the USA, and other countries around the world.

Document Agents

We offer a document location service to solicitors and legal professions when they need to secure birth, marriage and/or death certificates or other relevant genealogical documentation to further their works.



Our determined, dynamic, empathetic, ethical and conscientious team will attend to all your research needs.