Take Back Tuesday

29 December 2015

Well, that’s another new thing I’ve learnt this week. Today, is Take Back Tuesday when apparently, “millions of unwanted gifts could be returned to stores”. We are, according to the Daily Mail, expected to “return £207 million of Christmas presents with most of us going to the shops today” as it’s the first working day after the ‘festive season’.

I had no idea as, to be honest, my Christmas presents were jolly splendid thank you…. but, around a quarter of the presents given are taken back to stores and three in five people (according to a Post Office survey …. who invents these things?!) plan to return a present this week.

The Daily Mail goes on to say that we are a very sneaky bunch and that a third of us “will drive to another town to return an item to avoid being spotted”. Seriously….!? Why don’t you all just write a Christmas list and ask people for the things you want/need in life?! Surely that makes life much simpler….! It’s a bit like writing to Santa Claus/Father Christmas as a child, but with adult presents….

So, no shops for me this week. Nope. I had enough of them before Christmas, thank you very much. I did ‘hit the bank‘ today, but only on the telephone to make the international payments I mentioned on Sunday. A somewhat painful experience in all honesty but not quite as painful as trying to transfer £180,000 to a beneficiary on Christmas Eve. Now that was extremely painful. The dentist would actually have been more pleasurable, I kid you not.

The post was rife with brown envelopes this morning – nearly a dozen certificates. Aside from that though – thank heaven – in the offices of FWL, it has not been quite as frenetic as expected. Another case has flown the nest to the Government Legal Department and in its place, one has returned. Good statistics….!

Count down has commenced to New Year. What changes will you make in 2016? A few crucial decisions this time last year set us on our current trajectory. Let’s hope the next raft of plans will make all the difference….

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