L is for Love

13 April 2019

For today’s blog, one of our senior case managers has selected four photos to illustrate love!

This should get you feeling particularly romantic, we hope you enjoy it!

Love in the Lane

Tuckers Lane street sign

The streets of Tuckers Lane (Ansford) ran with blood in 1775, when Reginald ‘Riddle’ Tucker lost the plot with his wife, Patty. He was found washing his blood-soiled shirt at Nine Wells. He could not help remarking ‘what happens to a man when he falleth out of love with the woman in his life?

” Sherborne Mercury Monday 12 June 1775

On Friday last a shocking murder was committed on the wife of one Tucker of Castle Cary who was found with her brains beat out in such a manner, that the blood &c. had flown up to the cieling.  The husband who had dined with her was seen at Hatspen soon after in a most violent sweat; and staying some time there returned and then gave the alarm of her being murdered.  He was yesterday carried before a magistrate, on suspicion of being the perpetrator of this horrid deed

Love in the Canal

Love on the Canal - Couple in a senset

Tough, young Ann, 17, has a cup of ambition. She is stuck in a cotton-spinning mill on the river Derwent, an ideal job? But the money is all going to her stepmother and the new baby. When bold and brash Nat Gee appears, surveying a section of new Cromford Canal in 1791, Ann has her ticket out. The couple run off to Chesterfield to get married. The canal is built; their baby is born. But Ann dies at 18.

Love in the Hay

collage of images including the moon, a wooden chair, a piece of parchment, and a woman chopping hay
Evidence given 25 Nov 1719 and 25 Oct 1720: A matrimonial dispute between Thomas Creed (yeoman), Mary his wife concerning their neighbour Emanuel Webb (parchment maker), N Barrow.

Mr Creed was suspicious. He asked the maidservant Catherine to keep an eye out.

2 May 1719: Mr Creed had gone to bed.  The others remained in the Kitching: Mrs Mary Creed sitting on the saltbox in the chimney, Emanuel Webb was on a chair by the fire, and Catherine (the servant) pretending to be asleep on another chair.  The moon was shining clearly through the kitchen window. After calling to ensure Lane was asleep, they went to a back door, unlocking and unbarring it.  There was a way through to the Oxstall.  Mary returned a quarter of an hour later, Webb having made his way home.  This had happened often in the past, manservant Clement had one time noticed straw on Mrs Creed’s back.

Love in the States

Farming couple
A picture from the Library of Congress collection, no known copyright restrictions apply.

These vivid colour photos from the Great Depression and World War II depict life in the United States, with a focus on rural areas. Photographers working for the United States Farm Security Administration and the Office of War Information created the images between 1939 and 1944.

For more, see here.

Written by David Walsh

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