U is for the good, the bad and the plain UGLY

24 April 2019

There’s all sorts of good

All types of bad

And every kind of ugly

There’s good in the bad

And bad in the good

Sometimes we don’t notice both

Ugly rears it’s ugly head

So subjective, misunderstood

A DNA test revealing all

Those home truths that come to knock on your door!

Make you question what is ‘good’

And what is ‘bad’?

You got what you expected…

Now aren’t you glad?

‘Curiouser’ and ‘curiouser’

It was once written, then said

Off to go seeking for the unexpected

All this research can be overwhelming for your head!

The more we seek

The more we see

What ye shall find

Ye shall be

We’ll come across the bad

Like we come across good

And the ugly truth of it all?

Well, that comes and goes

As it should…

Written by Rhianna Selkridge-Carty

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