Local Community History Month: An Introduction

3 May 2019

What is Local Community History Month?

This month is dedicated to celebrating and raising awareness of your local community history. Everyone has history to share, and if interested this month would be a great time to begin researching and sharing local history with your community!

Why is it important?

It is a great way for you to become more involved in your community, and if family history and genealogy intrigues you, why not the history in your community? And, who knows, it could even help you out with your family history research!

Who is it for and how it should be taught?

It’s for anyone and everyone! And as for how to teach others about your community’s local history, nationalawarenessdays.com, suggests taking a range of trips, lectures, library visits and all sorts of activities. These will be taking place across the country for the entire month you can really uncover local history.

Our upcoming LCHM blog features are:


Local histories in Calne

Make sure you keep an eye out!

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