7th June 2019

DNA tests: Are they always accurate and how can we interpret them?

Ah DNA. It doesn’t get enough credit sometimes! Or does it? In this blog we address the half-truths about taking DNA tests, what you can use […]
31st May 2019

Why is Genealogy so popular?

It’s the second most popular hobby in the US, and the second most visited website category according to ABC news. From researching your family tree to […]
24th May 2019

LCHM: Our Local history

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots” – Marcus Garvey     We hope you […]
17th May 2019

LCHM: Heritage

When we think of ancestry, heritage is not far behind. According to Yourdictonary, heritage has two definitions. The background from which one derives from. We may […]
10th May 2019

How to read your ancestors’ handwriting

It can be hard enough reading your own handwriting at the best of times. Do you remember those long, gruelling lessons learning how to write the […]
3rd May 2019

Local Community History Month: An Introduction

What is Local Community History Month?   This month is dedicated to celebrating and raising awareness of your local community history. Everyone has history to share, […]
30th April 2019

Z is for Zed

It was always going to be a fairly difficult letter to come up with inspiration but we had a case just earlier this year which was […]
29th April 2019

Y is for Yonder

    What’s next?   Here’s a list of our upcoming blogs in May:   Local Community History Month (LCHM) Introduction   How to read your […]
27th April 2019

X is for X-Y Chromosomes

It is (dare I say) common knowledge that humans are born with 46 chromosomes in 23 pairs. We were all taught this back in school, no […]