23rd December 2019

The Estate of Sarah Pamela Woolston

A vibrant life   Sarah Pamela Woolston spent most of her life looking for her family. Born in London at the height of the Second World […]
9th December 2019

The gift of family during the festive season

It’s now the festive season. A time where many experience mixed emotions. Most of us may have our Christmas wish lists at the ready, filled to […]
29th November 2019

Family history research: Get lost in records!

Records can be overwhelming when you don’t know what you’re looking for. Oftentimes, you may have no idea where to start looking, which can be confusing. […]
20th November 2019

Genealogy research: The Do’s and don’ts

‘To know one’s family is to know one’s own‘, as the saying goes. For some, immediate family may be enough, but for others, it may be […]
23rd October 2019

The unresolved family tree

  As part of a project at school in sixth form, I was asked to draw my family tree. At the time, I thought, great – […]
14th June 2019

Ways to keep your family history

When it comes to family history, each and every one of ours is different. It may be difficult to preserve all your family histories in one […]
7th June 2019

DNA tests: Accuracy and interpretation

Ah DNA. It doesn’t get enough credit sometimes! Or does it? In this blog we address the half-truths about taking DNA tests, what you can use […]
31st May 2019

Why is genealogy such a popular hobby?

It’s the second most popular hobby in the US, and the second most visited website category according to ABC news. From researching your family tree to […]
24th May 2019

LCHM: Our Local history

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots” – Marcus Garvey     We hope you […]